What is Stamp it Out aiming to achieve?

Stamp it Out, is looking to achieve four key objectives:


To make it socially unacceptable to the public to abuse a roadworker.


Develop a robust comms strategy to change the road using publics perception of our road workers trough a series of specifically targeted media campaigns.

Develop a robust communications strategy within our industry to break down stigmas around the reporting of abuse. Through physical evidencing that the our people speak up collectively we take action.


Develop a simple, easy-to-use open API app that can be used as a reporting tool for road worker abuse, that connects with other systems currently being used in the industry and is a central depository for information that can be used to create a region-by-region and country-wide picture on road worker abuse that will help inform decisions on how it can be eliminated. 


Through out respect our road workers week taking place between 21st and 25th June 2021 our aim is to bring to the four a heightened awareness of why abuse of our roadworkers is both unacceptable and deplorable.