Stamp it Out calls for highways industry data on roadworker and incursions

Updated: Feb 9

Stamp it Out, the industry backed taskforce driving to eliminate abuse and incursions into closures on both the local and strategic network has appealed to their industry peers for data from the last three years around incidents of incursions and abuse.

Speaking about this, Safer Highways CEO, Kevin Robinson, one of the programme leads said:

“The data we have so far shows that there is a real issue around abuse of our road workers.
“However in order to understand the real scale of the issue we must have far richer data than we have to hand at present. In order to do that we must really engage with the industry and with their support this is fully achievable. All that we ask is that any data has all personal information redacted and is either quantitive (year on year) or qualitative (catagorised by type.)”

Brought about by a lack of concerted action to tackle the abhorrent abuse which our operatives suffer on a daily basis the movement includes amongst its number David Foster – SHEQ Director at Carnell, Paula Parsons – Constuction Manager at Interserve, James Bird – Human and Organisational Factors Lead at Kier and Rachel Heaps – Business Systems Manager at Tarmac.

Anyone that wants to offer data should contact:

Written by: Adrian Tatum

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