Respect our Roadworkers 


24th June 2021

A big part of what we want to achieve is to communicate our work effectively. 

Our overall aim is to bring to the four a heightened awareness of why abuse of our roadworkers is both unacceptable and deplorable.

In part, this will be achieved through our Respect Our Roadworkers week series of events including two major conference in England and Scotland.

Taking place on June 24th , Our Respect our Road Workers Scotland event will provide insight into the work of the taskforce so far, highlight the challenges we still face and how, not only as a group but the industry at large, we are delivering solutions to tackle the issue of roadworker abuse and ultimately towards eradicating it completely on both the local and strategic networks. 

This interactive event will help you gain better understanding into how you can not only support your own team of workers but to Stamp It Out across the whole industry.